At Altech Machining and Repairs, We Mean Precision

Altech Machining and Repairs understands that when a part breaks on a machine, your production goes down and loses you money. We can supply you with any number of parts, as well as welding, grinding and honing services.

Need A Custom Prototype?

If you’re looking to create a working prototype of a design, we have the fabricating and machining capabilities to create custom parts that are accurate to the last detail.

Welding Services

With our advanced welding services we can weld stainless steel and aluminum parts. Our processes will not smut or rust and will hold up in the toughest of environments.

And don’t forget, we also offer excellent services for:

  • Surface Grinding
  • Honing
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Building and Repairs
  • Custom Auto and Marine Parts
  • Equipment Repairs

At Altech Machining and Repairs, you can count on us to care about your business or project as much as you do.

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